Renewable Power

Want to truly walk-the-walk? Run your event on carbon free, renewable energy. Choose a venue powered entirely or in part by existing alternative sources, such as solar or wind.

With the recent significant decreases in costs, solar PV is a much more prevalent option than even 5 short years ago. Or consider the companies who offer transportable solar panels to generate a portion of the event’s energy demands. Solar panels also act as an educational tool during the event.

One World Sustainable
229 East 50th Street
Savannah, Georgia 31405
Phone: 912-236-1322

601 Wild Turkey Road
Savannah, Georgia 31406
Phone: 912-507-1487

Green Power and Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets can help you reduce the overall impact of an event’s carbon footprint. A carbon offset is a reduction of one ton of greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon equivalent that allows you to “balance” emissions of greenhouse gases produced at your event by procuring GHG reductions from somewhere else (whether next door or around the world).

Stringent sourcing criteria and third-party verification ensure that these truly represent real emission reductions. Examples of projects include landfill methane capture, tree planting, and wind power installation. All of the companies below offer a variety of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits.

3 Degrees
Presidio of San Francisco
38 Keyes Avenue, Suite 300
San Francisco, California 94129
Toll-Free Phone: 866-476-9378

Community Energy Inc.
201 King of Prussia Road, Suite 550
Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087
Phone: 1-866-WIND123

Georgia Power
Phone: 404-506-1108

Renewable Choice Energy
2500 55th Street, Suite 210
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Phone: 877.810.8670

Sterling Planet
3500 Parkway Lane, Suite 500
Norcross, Georgia 30092
Phone: 1-877-457-2306 or 678-325-3170

Generator Fuel

Easily replace standard diesel fuel for generators with bio-diesel – a blend of diesel and vegetable oil. It performs exactly like standard diesel yet emits significantly less toxins into the air. Plus the cost is comparable, so it is easy to make the switch.

Southern Enviro Solutions (SES) Biofuels

SES Biofuels produces biodiesel from waste vegetable oil in order to supply a clean energy solution that benefits Savannah businesses and residents. They are currently the only company that locally collects and recycles WVO into biofuels. They supply all the fuel to a number of local businesses including soybean farmers, trucking companies, and construction companies.