When it comes to planning your event, consider that three hundred carloads of partygoers might have just as much environmental impact as everything going on under the roof.

Thankfully, Savannah offers a wide spectrum of alternative ways to get guests to and from your gala, from bike-powered pedi-cabs to propane-fueled trolleys. While it isn’t practical to assume that everyone will use public transit to commute to your event, it is helpful to suggest one or two central pickup locations where people can leave their cars. This reduces the frustration of trying to fight for limited parking near the event and reduces the environmental impact of all of those individual vehicles.


When setting up transit options, determine from where your guests will be traveling. If the event is downtown and attendees will be coming from the islands, run a trolley from  the central location near the bridge to your venue. Running transit on a defined schedule can expedite this process. Tight parking downtown? Have your guests park at a garage or the civic center and have pedi-cabs running to and from the event. You can even offer guests a discount on their tickets for using the service.

Chatham Area Transit
Visit website for system map and schedule.

Grayline Trolley
1115 Louisville Road
Savannah, Georgia 31415
Phone: 912-236-9604

Old Savannah Tours
250 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Savannah, Georgia 31401
Phone: 800-517-9007

Old Town Trolley
234 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Savannah, Georgia 31401
Phone: 912-233-0083

Savannah Fun Tours
206 East Taylor Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
Phone: 912-667-9760

Savannah Pedicab Company
220 West Gwinnett Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
Phone: 912-232-7900

Preferred parking

An alternative to mass transit is to offer preferred parking to guests who arrive via hybrid vehicles or who are carpooling. Incentivize carpooling by designating parking areas nearest to the door for these guests will encourage the practice and help reduce congestion.